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 ...Why can't I buy your jewellery on the internet?

At Gregory & Co we are passionate about gemstones, design and beautiful jewellery. We believe purchasing a quality piece of jewellery should be a very personal experience. We really enjoy meeting our customers and we value discussing their needs and wants. We take pride in sharing our knowledge, answering queries and showcasing our designs.

Jewellery is tactile and photographs don't always do justice to the fire of a diamond, the colour play of an opal, the silky feel of pearl, the satisfying weight of a handmade ring or necklace, the rare colour change of Alexandrite etc. so on our website we explain the services we offer and aim to show you examples of what we do.

We appreciate the internet really does have a lot to offer consumers, especially when purchasing mass produced items. And if we needed to buy a vacuum, laptop or brand name item we would probably be scouring the internet for the best deal.

But for something as precious as jewellery we truly believe the personal touch is warranted…we look forward to meeting you!